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Indirizzovia Barletta, 4 - 20141, Milano (MI)
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In the heart of Milan for over 40 years

117 STUDIOS offers fully equipped spaces for your photographic shootings, videos, events, presentations, workshops.

Numerous services including

3 large studios, two of which with white cyclorama and a third one dedicated to Still-life.

A spacious patio hosts 30 parking spaces and allows for an easy loading and unloading.

We rent lighting equipment, scenery, props.
117 STUDIOS offers Wi-Fi fast internet connection and each

studio is equipped with ethernet cable link.
All services are managed by skilled studio-assistants and digital operators.

New: A large event hall and Lunch Area are available inside!


Our studios can live with natural light

The expandable ceiling allows the exploitation of daylight as well as artificial light.

Shaping and inspiring the photographer’s idea

An innovative fold system allows the ceilings to be fully open or closed or set half-way.

A wide white cyclo

Each studio includes make-up corner, clothes stands, computer desk, table and chairs, steamer.

Our skilled staff

Happy to assist you at any stage of the development of the photographic project, making it happen.


Studio one

The white cyclorama is 8 meters wide, 5 mt. long and 5 mt. high (or 9 mt., with daylight sistem open).

The studio is 12 meters long.


Much more than an Event Hall

300 sqm. welcoming and sunlit hall equipped for catering and lunching and available for your events, workshops and presentations.


Set design

A wide selection of walls, backdrops, floorings and props for your set.



Via Barletta, 4 20141 Milano Italy



Mon-to-Fri 9:00-18:00




+39   331.17.25.890

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